Monday, August 17, 2009

I like Sports?

August has been filled with a few sporting events. We are lucky enough in San Diego to be able to dabble in many different recreational activities. The Padres and The Chargers...both are on again off again, but we secretly love them...even the Padres. To answer the question if I like long as a beer or two are involved, I sure do!

We went to the Padres game with Heath and Laly. Most of the time was spent not watching the game however. For being Heath's first time at a professional sporting event, we sure didn't really experience anything spectacular...this time the Frew's blame the pre-game mimosas.

For our aniversary, I got Cody tickets to the Chargers game. Football has won his heart these past couple of years, so it was fun to go and enjoy even a pre-season game. After beating the crowds to get in, buying beer at $10 a pop (which should be illegal by the way), we plopped down in our pretty wonderful field level seats. A great way to kick off the season, despite a loss :(

Disclaimer: I swear we don't drink as much as it sounds like we do. We indulge in the sweeter and hoppier things in life.

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  1. how come the activity of this blog is so old? Is this one of those boomtown blogs that go up and get populated with content real fast, and then die out, essentially becoming a ghost town of photos, quips, and phrases- left to show themselves to any lonely passerbys that will look upon them?...Until they are no longer hosted by the server...